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Taste the taste of Satoyama

  • At this facility of "Half Farm and Half Inn", you can only taste the ones that you can only taste here on that day, using the ones that are hand-salted on your own farm, the ones that are picked in the mountains, and the ones that are procured from trusted local producers. We make delicious menus.No additives are used, miso and aperitif are prepared by all the staff, and all pickles are homemade.We are aiming for Okyakuya Ryokan original dishes so that you can enjoy the straight taste of the ingredients without any strangeness and with plenty of effort and love.

Basic Supper | Seasonal Menu

  • The basic supper is a dish that you can enjoy the seasons of the time.Based on the skill of Japanese cooking, we also incorporate Western techniques and Western vegetables and herbs harvested at our own farm, and we assemble menus that are not bound by the frame, making the best use of the characteristics of the ingredients.

Free Supper | Selectable Menu

  • In response to the voices such as "I want to finish lightly tonight", "I don't have a meal, but I want to order dinner", and "I want to enjoy an evening drink in my room", I started ordering a single item for dinner, and it has been very well received. I will.The menus that can be ordered are being updated at any time, including various popular menus from WarokuyaIn addition, we have a diverse list of drinks such as local sake, local beer, and wine from Oguni's sake brewery "Kawazu Sake Brewery".Please use it for your free style stay.

    ※Orders will be accepted until 17:00 on the day of your stay.
    ※Basically it will be served at the restaurant
Bespoke menu■Tenkaippin Aka beef set 3,300 yen
■Warokuya three kinds of curry 1,600 yen
■Kumamoto Aka beef curry 1,200 yen
■Roast beef 1,800 yen

※The above is part of the menu.Please contact us for details
※Depending on the situation, the desired menu may not be available.


  • A Japanese breakfast that uses plenty of local ingredients.The most popular dish is the local stamina dish, which is a combination of natto from Oguni's rare soybean "Suzukaren" and horse meat.In addition, the vegetable pickles pickled by the veteran staff of "Tsukemono Master" have been well received for their many cups of rice.
  • ■Make your anniversary more delicious
    If you choose to stay on a special occasion, please let us know at the time of booking.We also have options such as bespoke food and drinks depending on your budget.We will do our best to help you make your precious day even more memorable.
  • ■About the restaurant
    There are two types of restaurants, halls and private rooms.An extra charge is required for using private rooms.All seats are basically table chairs, and we will prepare seats for each room according to the number of guests.
Meal summary■Breakfast time from 8 o'clock(Offer at the restaurant)
■Supper time from 18:00(Basically it will be served at the restaurant)
※plan, it may not be the above

※If you have any foods or allergies that you are not good at, we will do our best to accommodate them.
Please contact us at the time of booking