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Sister store"Warokuya"

An intersection of food and people, where both travelers and locals come and go

  • 2 minutes walk from Okyakuya RyokanSymbol of the spa town, sister store to be built in the foot of MaruRinkyo Warokuya is a café-restaurant that relocated the old house in the Meiji (time period) Era.All menus are supervised by the chief chef of this facility.We have a menu that uses Aso's brand meat "Aka beef", which has high rare value, and vegetables from our own farm.In addition to table seats, there are counter seats, so you can feel free to use it by yourself.Not only tourists but also locals are favored.

Our popular menu

Recommended menu■Tenkaippin Aka beef set 3,300 yen
(miso soup,Pickles,small bowl,salad,coffee,With dessert)
■Warokuya three kinds of curry 1,600 yen
(salad,With homemade yogurt)※You can also put cutlet on it for an additional 500 yen
■Kumamoto Aka beef curry 1,200 yen
■Higo Red Chicken chicken fried chicken 700 yen
■Warokuya Salad 800 yen
  • Kurokawa Onsen, we are currently implementing a project called "Tsugumo" that connects the circulation of landscape, agriculture, and tourism with red cows.This is an attempt to turn red beef born and raised in Minamioguni into meat and return it to Minamioguni.The red beef, which has moderate marbling and soft meat quality, is juicy and full of umami, and has been well received WarokuyaWhen you eat at our restaurant, you will participate in the "Aka beef fund" as it is, and 50 yen will be donated to the secretariat for each meal, which will be used for activities to raise red beef and protect the grasslands.
  • I started the original souvenir
    We have started developing and selling original products using local ingredients.The first is the "Agricultural Cookie" made from rice harvested at our own farm and vegetables and fruits from Oguni Township.There are five types of lineup: plain, spinach, Amaou strawberry, carrot, and lemon peel chocolate.Wheat-free, egg-free, additive-free and coloring-free, you can enjoy a rich flavor and a gentle texture.There is also a great value set with an original mini bag.How about a souvenir from Kurokawa Onsen

    ※"Agricultural cookie" 1 bag 600 yen

About the latest information and parking lot

store informationRestrant & Cafe Warokuya
6600-1 Manganji Kurokawa, Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto

◎ Business hours/"Monday / Tuesday / Friday" 11: 00-17: 00(16:00 L.O.)
       "Wednesday / Saturday / Sunday" 11: 00-15: 00,From 17:30 to 20:00(19:30 L.O.)
◎ Regular holiday/Thursday
◎ Total number of seats / 23 seats
◎ Reservation/No reservation required

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