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  2. About infectious disease measures

About infectious disease measures

About measures against new coronavirus infection

  • All staff will work on the following preventive measures so that our customers can stay with peace of mind.
    There are some changes to the conventional hospitality content, but we will continue to devise and consider it.
    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Implementation items common to all staff

  • ·When you arrive at the office, the body temperature disinfected and measured at the entrance will be recorded on the check sheet.
     (If you have symptoms such as fever or cold, you will be on standby at home and will not go to work.)
    ·We will thoroughly wash and disinfect your hands as appropriate.
    ·We will engage in all operations by wearing a mask.
    ·In order to maintain cleanliness, we will thoroughly manage hygiene such as uniforms.
    ·We will thoroughly manage hygiene such as cleaning at each place.

Measures common to the entire building

  • ·During your stay, we will prepare a disinfectant spray for each group, so please use it.
    ·Please install disinfectant solutions in various places in this facility and use them diligently.
    ·Ventilation and disinfection cleaning will be carried out in each area as appropriate.

Upon arrival and check-in

  • ·At check-in, we will ask you about the temperature measurement and physical condition on the day.
     Thank you for your cooperation.
    ·If there are 3 or more check-ins, you may have to wait in the car (including the shuttle car).

About using a bath

  • ·Please use the "slippers in this facility" as individual clips are prepared for each person.
    ·If the bath is crowded, we would be very grateful if you could take measures such as shifting the time.

About the food

  • ·If you use the restaurant, we will arrange the seats at intervals.

Request to customers

  • ·To prevent the spread of infection, customers with symptoms such as fever and cold, suffocation and malaise
     Please refrain from going on a trip.
    ·If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher at check-in, you may be asked to refrain from staying according to the instructions of the health center.
    ·If you are not feeling well during your stay, please inform the front desk immediately.