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  • Can I use a credit card locally?

    Yes, you can use it.
    Accommodation charges will be settled from 8:00 am on the check-out day.
    It may be very crowded from 9:45 to 10:00 befoContinue reading
  • Kurokawa Onsen Utilizing open-air baths What is "bathing bills?"

    Temporary bills are bills that you can take in three open-air baths filled with atmosphere of each inn of Kurokawa Onsen with 1 piece.

    The Continue reading
  • Is there no hot water from the washroom in the room?

    Yes, we are very sorry, but the hotel does not have hot water from the washroom.The building is old and we only have water from all the roomContinue reading
  • Can I use PayPay or LINE Pay?

    Both are available.

    Not only accommodation fee, but also bathing fee and all shops(Excluding stamp fee)
    You can pay with paypay and LINE paContinue reading
  • What are the amenities

    In the guest room in advance
    amenities for adult guests
    Yukata, towels (takeaway), bath towels, toothbrushes, socks for socks.
    amenities chiContinue reading
  • What time is check-in?

    The hotel check-in is from 15:00.
    If you would like to arrive as soon as you wish to visit the open-air bath, or if you plan to arrive earliContinue reading
  • Is there a parking lot?

    Yes, we have a parking lot.There are about 13 parking spaces in front of the hotel so you will need to park in front of the hotel.When you cContinue reading
  • Do you have a family bath?

    Yes, we have.
    The family bath at this facility is exclusively for guests.
    "Cypress bath" in the family bath Ichi, Thank two places and "cut Continue reading
  • Do you have elevators?

    There is no elevator.We apologize for any inconvenience, but only use of stairs.
    The hotel is on the slope along the river, so you are sure Continue reading
  • Is there a dryer in your room?

    There is one dryer in the room.
    However, there is a possibility that the circuit breaker may fall, so we have one dryer in each room.
    ElectrContinue reading
  • Can I bring alcoholic beverages?

    Yes, it is okay.
    Please relax in the room while drinking at your favorite time.In addition, there is a refrigerator in the room, please feelContinue reading
  • Is it possible to make a day trip?

    A day trip hot spring can be done.
    Reception hours are from 8:30 to 20:30.
    <Fee> Adult             600 yen
         From 3 years old to 12 yeaContinue reading
  • Can I take a bath for 24 hours?

    I am sorry, I can not take a bath any time 24 hours.
    The use time of the guest's bath is from 6 o'clock in the morning, until 11 o'clock in Continue reading
  • Does snow accumulate?

    Kurokawa is a place rarely snowing in Kyushu.
    The altitude is about 700 m so the temperature is by far the lowest compared to Kumamoto city.Continue reading
  • Can I change my meal with allergies and likes and dislikes?

    If you have foods that you are not allergic to or weak, we will change it to another ingredient as much as possible.   
    Please do not hesitaContinue reading
  • Is there a "Red Chanko" for the 60th birthday celebration?

    This facility has "red cushions", "fans", "red chanchanko" and hats used for 60th birthday celebrations.
    We will prepare it free of charge fContinue reading
  • Can you smoke?

    Smoking is prohibited in this facility.
    When smoking, please use the annex (with bench) outside the entrance of the hotel.
    Ashtrays are avaiContinue reading
  • Can I use the internet?

    Wi-Fi is available in the guest rooms and on-site.
    The password is printed on the bookmark of your stay and the information board in the facContinue reading
  • Is there a cancellation fee?

    The cancellation fee will be applied at the hotel 5 days prior to the reservation date.

    If you do not arrive, the cancellation of the day wContinue reading
  • I would like to stay with my children, is that okay?

    Yes, there is no problem.
    However, since the entire building is a wooden building, the number of rooms that can be guided to children is limContinue reading

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