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About the Okyakuya Ryokan

Kurokawa Onsen for 300 years, at a half-farming and half-inn

  • This is a "half-agricultural half-inn" that was founded in the middle of the Edo (time period) utilized by the Higo Hosokawa ClanThere are 7 hot springs with soft hot springs for all 13 rooms.We welcome you with the charm and hospitality of Satoyama, which we know only because we have been rooted in this area for 300 years.
  • ■The beginning of the Okyakuya Ryokan
    Kurokawa Onsen, and its founding dates back to 1722 (Kyoho 7).It was built by the order of the Hosokawa feudal lord who ruled Higo Province, and there is a historical fact that a party of change of attendance, a magistrate's official, and a senior vassal stopped by.Inn listed the time of the nickname as a patronage inn Okyakuya Ryokan, once the small country township Miyahara, Tsuetate, but was also present in the Tanohara, to remain in the now is the only one house hotel.
  • ■Cultivate your hometown and run an inn
    Although this facility has a long history, the style of "half-farming half-inn", where you cultivate the roots of the fields and run a hot spring inn while maintaining the mountains, has not changed since the establishment.In recent years, private farms have been focusing on soil preparation to grow good crops without relying on pesticides or chemical fertilizers.Currently, there are about 60 kinds of vegetables, rice, and edible wild plants that can be harvested on the premises, and you can enjoy them fresh with the dishes of this facility.
  • ■Origin of hospitality
    When I thought about it so far and in the future, I realized that "agriculture" has a hint of better hospitality.We believe that we can provide our customers with a special and reasonable impression by cultivating the fields and dividing them into the mountains and learning about the richness of this area through seasonal efforts.

  • ■And the next 300 years
    This facility will celebrate its 300th anniversary in 2022.In the rapidly changing days, in order to be a supple and entertaining "Okyakuya Ryokan" for the next 300 years, while continuing to ask what "travel", "Kurokawa Onsen", and "hospitality" are, "half farming and half" As an inn, we will take on the challenge of various new initiatives.